The Whole Enchilada

Adventurers: Michael & Tracy
Category: Mountain Biking

Start: Moab, Utah
Trailhead: If you ride form July to September, you may have the opportunity to ride "The Whole Enchilada" which starts at Geyser Pass Trailhead and finishes at the highway next to the Colorado River. You may also be able to start at the Hazard Trailhead or Kokopelli Trail Head if you need seasonal alternatives.

Transportation: The Whole Enchilada is technically a loop from town, however, it is incredibly ambitious to ride to the top. Most normal human beings take a shuttle, such as Coyote Shuttle from Chile Pepper Bike Shop , up and then ride down. The shuttles will drop you off as high as possible depending on the season and what sections of the trail are open. Otherwise, have a friend drop you off at your desired trailhead. Keepin mind that the ride to the trailhead can take around an hour.
Trail: The trail includes all types of riding, starting in the high alpine and riding down into the rocky canyon. The riding is very technical and adventurous with smoth single track being only a very small part of the mix. There are some pretty gnarly drops and steeps that can be challenging for even experienced bikers. The views are abolutely incredible as you look out over the cliffs into the canyons, up towards the mountains, or down at the city of Moab. Once you dump off of the Porcupine Trail near the highway, you've got about a 5 mile ride back to town.

Crowds: This is one of Moab's most saught after rides. If you are planning to ride, make sure to take the first available shuttle, or even ride during the week if possible.

Distance: The Whole Enchilada is about 28 miles with 5 miles of riding back to town. It can be shortened depending on which trailhead you start from.
Elevation: A majority downhill, you descend 7,930 feet and climb 1,420 feet. The highest section is at 11,126 feet and the lowest around 4,000 feet.
Duration: On average, the ride takes from 5-6 hours to complete, but could take longer depending on how much you stop.
Weather: HOT - it's the desert, bring plenty of water.

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Whole Enchilada
Whole Enchilada
Whole Enchilada