Adventurers: Michael & Tracy
Category: Mountain Biking

Start: Moab, Utah
Trailhead: Access the Slickrock Trailhead through the Sand Flats Recreation Area. Bring cash, as it's a "pay to play" situation.
Trail: Follow the white painted lines along the smooth rock made from petrified sand dunes. The lines mark the most ridable route, so it's suggested that you do not deviate. Everyone starts out on the same path, but then you can choose to try the practice loop (which is about a mile) or go right for the main trail. Once you hit the directional juncture in the main trail, you can ride clockwise or counterclockwise - we recommend clockwise.

Crowds: Some say Slickrock is one of the most famous trails in the world due to it's unique characteristics and amazing views. Therefore, tt's always crowded with people ranging from beginner to advanced. It's wise to get on the trail early, or go a bit closer to sunset. Riding this trail on a weekday is also preferrable.

Distance: The main loop is just shy of 10 miles.
Elevation: While the elevation gain is under 900 feet, the hills are STEEP. Get some momentum and pedal hard and you'll have a better chance at making it o the top.
Duration: On average the ride takes between 2 and 4 hours to complete depending on your skill level and how much you stop.
Weather: HOT - it's the desert, bring plenty of water.

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