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Michael O'Brien
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I live by “type two fun.” You know, the type of fun that’s only fun after you stop doing it. As an avid ski mountaineerer, ultra runner, mountain biker and pure adventurer, there are a few principles I live by:

  1. Bite off more than you can chew: The only way to ensure type two fun is to dive right in, don’t’ let lack of talent or experience slow you down. I thrive on pushing my physical limits and I'm appetized by the idea of trying something I could potentially fail at.
  2. Execute: Stop talking about it and just do it. Mapping out a plan to ski Mt. Rainier may take hours or surfing in Chile may take some serious logistics, but the only way to get it done is to get after it. Whether it’s booking the tickets or signing up for the race, commit, then figure it our after.
  3. Don’t let your foot off the gas: Traveling weekly and packing in late hours as a consultant, you might think weekends are for relaxing – wrong! Come Friday night I switch on dirt bag mode and drop the adventure hammer. Life is short, might as well live it.


My first passion was unquestionably classical ballet, training around the country in programs by American Ballet Theatre, The Joffrey Ballet and The Boston Ballet, finally earning a degree in Dance. Years of disciplined training and eating, and endless hours in painful pointe shoes primed me for the world of challenge and endurance I'd find in the mountains of Colorado. The principles that shape my life are:

  1. Find the next challenge: Never stop learning or growing and never be afraid to be a beginner. Being uncomfortable is a good thing.
  2. Jump in with your whole heart: I'm determined to do things with 100% commitment, which is why my passion for my hobbies, activities and career has escalated so quickly. Dive in, give it your all – it’s way more rewarding.
  3. Be thankful for every day: We’re blessed everyday to have the physical ability and mental drive to live life to it’s fullest. There shouldn’t be one day that goes by that we take that for granted. Get out, stay out, have fun and be humble.


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