18 Road Trails

Adventurers: Michael & Tracy
Category: Mountain Biking

Start: Fruita, Colorado
Trailhead: Take Interstate 70 west to Fruita (Exit 19). Turn right onto Cherry Street and take the first right onto Aspen Avenue. Go through the roundabout and continue on Aspen to Maple Street. Take a left on Maple Street and then travel north. The street will turn into 17.5 Road. Take a right on N.3 road and then a left on 18 Road. Travel approximately seven miles on 18 Road until you reach the North Fruita Desert Trail System *Source: BLM.gov
Trail: From the parking lot you can either ride up the dirt road or Prime Cut to the top of the downhill trails. Once you’ve reached the top trailhead you have access to several riding options. Our friend Pam gave us advice on a few trails to try:

  • Kessel Run - the perfect warm up! Everything is completely rideable. It's a flowy, not too steep, curvy trail with a couple of bumps and jumps to make you smile. You can ride it fast, lower your seat a little and really drive your outside leg down into the turns. 
  • PBR (Pumps, Bumps, and Rollers) - this is the closest thing to a roller coaster ride on a mountain bike, like Kessel but a little amped up. Start at the top and don't stop until you get back to the campsite. Again everything is completely rideable. You can pump down into the bumps and ride through them or launch and get some air. Every landing is clear and safe. 
  • Joe's Ridge to MoJo's - the natural next trail to ride. You ride along a spine, couple of ups and and downs, one steep descent on a narrow spine, safe but makes your stomach flip a little. You'll get to the bottom, cross the road and keep descending MoJo's, The best part of the trail is the big woopty do's, where you can throw a couple of jumps and swerve around in a big gut. 

There are a few other trails in this system as well, the nice thing is that they are all pretty short and you can just keep lapping.
Red Lady Bowl
Distance: The shorter loops listed are about 5 miles round trip to the parking lot
Elevation Gain: Most of the loops have around 400-500 feet of climbing
Duration: We got in three loops in two hours
Weather: Sunny and 80 degrees

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