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Kuat NV 2.0
In looking for a reliable 2-bike rack to go on the hitch of our pick-up-truck last year, we purchased the Kuat NV. While we were mostly happy with this product, it ended up having a malfunctioning lever that controlled the position of the bike rack. We exhcanged the NV at REI for the NV 2.0, which ended up being an all around updated and more capable version of the NV. We highly reccommend this rack.

Why we like it:

With an arm that secures the front wheel and a strap that locks the back wheel down, the rack is very secure and the bikes don't wobble in transit. The rack locks to the truck at the hitch and the bikes lock to the rack via cable, which keeps the bikes safe while grabbing a beer or car camping overnight. One of the most notable features is the built in workstand, this comes in very handy for pre-ride maintenance.

What could be better:
Our one complaint is that we can never lay the truck tailgaite flat, even without the bikes on it. To that end, there is no rubber stopper or anything to protect the tailgate when you put it down to pull gear out of the bed. Also, when leaving the bikes for a longer duration we feel the need utilize an additional cable lock for added safety.

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Trek Lush 27.5

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Trek Remedy 9 27.5
Michael was looking for an all around trail bike that was built for cross country and light enough cruise uphill, yet could still handle a serious decents.

What he likes about it:
The seat dropper post as a standard feature is clutch for aggressive terrain or downhill riding. The frame is super light helps make climbing easier. It comes with high quality shocks that adjust easily to make to the transition between ascents and descents.

What could be better:
You get a significant amount of chain chatter on prolonged descents. Also, the front derailleur wire rubbed and damaged the triangle bracket that connects from the top of the rear shock to the top of the rear triangle.
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Pearl izumi Sugar Shorts
Good shorts with a good cham are so necessary on long rides. These Sugar Shorts offer great cushion while still being stylish. Afterall...look good, feel good, ride good.

Why she likes them:
These fit well and offer comfort. They were reasonably priced, yet well made by Pearl Izumi who knows what they are doing when it comes to performance bike wear.

What could be better:
After several washes the seams have started to fray a bit, but it doesn't impact the integrity of the support.

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